Reflections on working with Grammar

1. Are you happy with your present rules developed for modal verbs? Why (not)? Give details.

- I can’t say for sure. I still make many mistakes in choosing the right modal verb.

2. How many sentences have appeared in your grammar bank since you started working with the modal verbs? (If fewer than 10, you probably didn’t spend enough time on this work)

- Quite many. They all were different.

3. Are you satisfied with the progress you made? Please give details.

- I don’t consider my knowledge about modal verbs as a huge progress but I m satisfied. I think now I can say for sure that I knew almost nothing about variety of modal verbs.

4. Give yourself a mark (from 1 to 10) for working on this theme. Justify your mark.

- 8-9. I did all the homework honestly, I tried to get the topic, I also made an algorithm "how to choose an appropriate modal verb".

5. How much time did you spend on working with modal verbs? Do you think it was enough?

- All September. I don’t think it was enough as we learn them so deeply.

6. Did anybody help you while working on these tasks? If yes, what kind of help was it?

-Only Google (how to make a website, extra exercises)

7. Did you feel frustrated at any point while working on these tasks? How did you cope with your feelings?

- Yes, I did when I had about 80% incorrect answers. And yes I did cope with my feelings as I don’t take studies too close.

8. Do you think you need to continue working on this theme? Please explain referring to the results of your (homework) exercises.

- Yes, definitely because know my average percentage of right answers is only 50-60%.

9. What exactly are you going to do in connection with this theme in your self-study program in the coming month? Put down specific things and materials you are going to use. (Your answer should be included as a part of the self-study plan for the next month).

- I already wrote on my website where you can find additional exercises. I will just complete all of them for them.

10. What are you going to change when working with grammar next time? Why?

- It depends. I would choose any appropriate approach that gives results. "Hypothesis" method is good, it makes you think. But I would firstly read some rules to get acquainted with the topic, and then, taking your "blurry knowledge" as a basics, I would make more specific hypothesis.

Test 1. Reflection

Our first topic was "relative clauses". Truth be told, I don't remember this test very well. Grammar exercises were ok, as usual. The only advise would be to make vocabulary exercises more difficult (I personally think that naming 5 expressions is too easy for 11th grade ;). However if not the last exercise I don't think that many students stood a chance to have a good mark!

Test 2. Reflection

The topic itself was not very difficult and well-explained. I especially like exercises taken from the orange grammar book. I liked that we learned many useful phrases, such as ins and outs, by and large etc. This short expressions usually confuse and give the wrong sense of the text or speech. (if you don't know them)

The overall reflection

Unfortunately this semester I was limited in time and didn't manage to work properly on school exercises. I enjoyed working on the text Jonathan Seagull, especially I like the text itself it had a deep sense and it teaches us not to give up no matter what happens. I had my heart in such text and even tried to find some stories from Richard Bah.
Talking about Salinger s text, I prefer to keep my comments unsaid. The reason of such reaction was because of words used in original text.
Comparing our progress with the 1 semester, I can highlight our grammar section. This semester we finished modal verbs, revised conditionals, learned mixed conditionals (which was completely unclear topic for me before), learned relative clauses, if clauses. In contrast, last semester we learned only modal verbs and revised some phrasal phrasal verbs.
I like new words from the text Jonathan Seagull, especially I enjoyed writing the last essay. I still remember that I spent more than an hour on it and to my point of view I managed to write it properly.
What I have to admit is that self-study already came in handy. While preparing for my test, self-study helped me a lot, especially the approach of planning my work and exercises. This will do for university studies, I suppose.
For the next semester I plan to focus more on lessons and homework as I will have more time for it! I am also planning to continue doing self-study!

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